Runaway 'Bride' - Terms & Conditions

Conditions Of Entry

Initial video entries should be received by Sun 23rd April 2017 at 13:00. By uploading your video entry, you agree to Juice 107.2 using all or part of your submission on-air, at and in any other fashion deemed appropriate. Written entries will be adapted to a form suitable for social media sharing by Juice

Please note that the three submitted entries with the highest number of Facebook reactions (likes etc) will be put through to the final competition as detailed below. Entrants have until Sunday 23rd April to attempt to get as many Facebook reactions (likes etc) as possible. At an undisclosed time on the aforementioned date, Juice 107.2 will evaluate the videos on Facebook and pick three entrants as finalists. If entrants have equal number of reactions, rival entries will be judged based on their video submissions. Judges decisions are final in this regard.

The below should be viewed in conjunction with Brighton & Hove Radio Ltd's standard terms and conditions, which can be found here.

1) On Friday 19th May 2017 the 3 pairs of competition entrants (“the entrants”) will leave Juice 107.2’s on-air studios at North Street, Brighton (“the Start Point”). Couples will leave Juice’s premises at 08:45. They will then have until 5pm on the same day to get as far away, ‘as the crow flies’ from 170 North Street as possible and then get back again. For every minute entrants are late in returning, past the 5pm deadline, one mile will be subtracted from their total.

2) The entrants, together with a Juice chaperone, must travel using recognised public transportation only. The entrants must not use any of their own or any third party’s money (save as provided for below) for the purchase of anything, for the duration of this Competition. Entrants are also forbidden hitch-hiking any rides for free except where this involves public transportation. Pre-booking tickets or pre-arranging transport is forbidden and the use of these will lead to disqualification.

3) The entrants will be given £25 only (which will be held by the chaperone) plus any money or bonus prizes earned in the preceding bonus rounds. The Juice Chaperone will be with the entrants at all times, and will have a mobile phone and emergency contact numbers. The phone must only be used by the chaperone to call or receive calls from Juice 107.2, Brighton & Hove Radio Ltd, or anyone listed on the Emergency Contact Sheet.

4) Entrants must wear their ‘bride’s veil’ at all points during Friday 26th of April and during the filming and recording of the preceding bonus rounds.

5) Entrants should carry with them any, prescribed medication, a bottle of water, food, map, toiletries (but no liquids), change of clothes and a waterproof jacket. Entrants also agree to be checked for any items other than those specified above before the Competition commences.

6) Entrants cannot receive any assistance in any form (including but not limited to use of any form of transportation) from friends, family or colleagues throughout the Competition.

In the case of an emergency situation including but not restricted to circumstances affecting an immediate family member of any Contestant, that Contestant may be contacted via any means by Juice 107.2. The judges, at their sole discretion may decide to end the Competition. Where such a decision is taken, the Contestant furthest away from the Start Point at that time will be declared the winner. An immediate family member is parent, sibling, son/daughter, grandparent, grandchild or step-parent, step-son/daughter.

8) During the promotion and in line with medical advice, Juice 107.2 reserves the right to disqualify a contestant if in it’s reasonable opinion the Contestant seems unfit, unwell or unable to continue with the Competition or where the continued participation of the Contestant poses an appreciable risk of injury or harm to themselves.

9) The judges may at any time during the Competition (and in their absolute discretion) postpone or cancel the Competition before a winner has been chosen, where the postponement or cancellation is reasonably necessary due to causes outside the judges reasonable control.

10) Juice 107.2 reserves the right to disqualify any Contestant for any breach of the rules governing the Competition.

11) All decisions made by the judges appointed by Juice 1207.2 will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

12) The winner (“the Winner”) will be the entrants with the highest mileage from the stat point (as described above) once any penalties have been deducted.

13) If at the end of the Competition, two entrants have identical mileages, the Winner will be the Contestant who has spent the least money in their pursuit of the prize.

14) If both pairs of entrants spent the same amount of money, points earned in the preceding bonus rounds will be used to determine a winner.

15) If there is still no clear winner at this point, Juice will use a random number generator to pick a winning pair of entrants.

16) Entrants will be automatically disqualified for any breach of the rules mentioned above, any unlawful acts committed during the Competition or any interference with a other entrants.

17) Entrants agree to being interviewed, photographed and filmed by Juice 107.2 at any time during the Competition and at various times by other media organised solely by Juice 107.2. Entrants agree for this video footage, photographs and interviews remain the property of Juice 107.2 who may decide to publish them at and on Juice 107.2 as well as in other outlets, without limit.

18) Entrants must ensure that they are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday 19th May 2017. If they are un-available during this time, they will be disqualified automatically.

19) All entrants Must be over the age of 18.

20) All entrants must legally able to marry at time of entry.


Prizes: Terms & Conditions

1) Flowers Unlimited will offer the winning pair of entrants £500 to spend as per their standard prices. Winners can choose to supplement the prize and pay the difference by cash or card, should they wish.

2) Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront will provide a Sunday wedding reception, bookable from October 2017 to March 2018. A maximum of 60 guests will get a glass of bucks fizz on arrival, a three course wedding breakfast and a glass of prosecco for 'toasts'.

3) Marketing Actually will produce a wedding video for the winning entrants. As well as being handed over to the winning entrants, the final video will be made available to the Royal Pavilion, Marketing Actually and any third parties deemed suitable by the Royal Pavilion, Marketing Actually and Juice 107.2 to market their services to the public.

4) Brighton & Hove City Council will provide use of The Brighton Pavilion 'Red Room' for winning entrant's ceremony. 

Brighton and Hove City Council allows the Hiring of The Red Drawing Room at the Royal Pavilion for the purpose of Ceremonies and the William IV Room for the purpose of Receptions on the following terms and conditions. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as conferring upon the Hirer and rights of occupation or use on any Room other than a personal license. The Council reserves the right to demand the total hiring fee in advance. Interpretation: ‘The Ceremony’ means Civil Ceremony, Civil Partnership, Baby Naming, Renewal of Vows. ‘The Council‘ means Brighton and Hove City Council including any committee, Sub-committee and official appointed by the Council for the purpose of the Management of the Royal Pavilion. ‘The Function’ means the hiring for the purpose for which the Room is used or to be used by the Hirer. ‘The Hirer’ means the person who has made application to use the Room and includes his/her agent and any other person hired by him/her (whether as servant or independent contractor) or acting under his/her direction. ‘The Premises’ means the Royal Pavilion or any part thereof and includes all Rooms, halls, grounds, lawns, corridors stairways, cloakrooms, lavatories, kitchens and conveniences used or to be used by the hirer or person authorised by him/her on the occasion of the function. ‘The Room’ means the Red Drawing Room and/or the William IV Room depending upon booking except where specifically stated. Use and numbers: 1. Hire of the Red Drawing Room for a Ceremony is for a one hour period. 2. If the function continues beyond the time stipulated in condition 1, the Hirer shall pay to the Council an additional sum not exceeding 25% of the hiring fee for every half an hour during which the function continues. 3. The maximum number of guests permitted in the Room shall not exceed the following:- Red Drawing Room 44 seated (not including the Registrars), William IV Room 60 seated, The Pavilion Dining Rooms 54 seated. 4. (a) The Hirer shall comply fully with all Statues, Regulations, Orders and Bylaws, whether for ensuring public order, safety and decency or for any other purpose whatsoever affecting the use of the Room. (b) The Hirer shall comply fully with all requirements of the Police and Fire authorities. 5. The Council reserves the right to cancel any hiring upon learning that any part of the Function renders it undesirable that it be held in a Council building. 6. The Council reserve the right to cancel the hiring in the event of it appearing that the Hirer intends to use the Room for any purpose other than the purpose specified in the offer or hiring agreement. 7. The Council reserve the right to carry out any essential interior and exterior maintenance work as necessary and cannot be held liable for the appearance of the Room in this event. Disruptions will be kept to a minimum, however, the Council cannot be held liable for any consideration of financial compensation to the Hirer. Behaviour 8. The Hirer shall delegate one responsible person to be notified to the Council who will liaise with the Council’s representative at the Venue regarding attendance and behaviour of all persons attending the Function. 9. The Council reserve the right of entry to the Room for any person authorised by the Council during the Function and the Council reserve the right to refuse admission or to remove from the Room any person who is in their opinion disorderly or objectionable. 10. No impropriety of language, dress, gesture or personalities shall be permitted at the function and the Hirer shall to the best of their ability maintain and keep good and decent behaviour in the Room during their Function. 11. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Room neither is the consumption of any alcoholic beverages in either the Red Drawing Room or the Grounds. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the William IV Room. 12. Radios, record and compact disc players, tape recorders, musical instruments or any other manufactured sound are not permitted to be brought into the Room unless the Council has given prior consent. Care of Buildings: 13. The Hirer may not place or fix to the outside or inside of the Room or bring into the Room any furniture, fittings or temporary erections, except with the written consent of the Council. In no circumstances may any nails, screws or pins be fixed into any part of the Room or into any part of the furniture, fixtures and fittings therein. No articles may be fixed to the walls of the Room. 14. No electrical wiring, electrical equipment or apparatus of any kind is to be placed in the Room without the prior written consent of the Council. 15. No lighted decorations are permitted in the Room. 16. No confetti of any kind is allowed on the property. This includes biodegradable, rose petals and rice. 17. The Hirer will leave the Room and equipment therein in a clean condition. If the Council is not satisfied with the condition of the Room or the equipment therein when given up by the Hirer, the Hirer will be required to pay the cost of any cleaning. Entertainment: 18. Seats must remain in the position in which they are placed for the purposes of the function under the instructions of the Council, and no obstruction must be placed in any exit or gangway. 19. Under no circumstance may the Hirer admit to the Room a greater number of persons than the number specified by the Council. 20. In the case of Ceremonies held in the Red Drawing Room and Receptions in the William IV Room photography and video filming will be permitted. 21. Dancing is not permitted in any part of the Room. Cancellations: 21. In the event of the Hirer failing to observe and perform or failing to cause to be observed and performed any of these conditions of hiring, the Council may without prejudice to any right of action which they may have against the Hirer forthwith and without prior notice to the Hirer cancel the function and, if necessary, require him/her to forthwith vacate the Room. In the event of the Function being so cancelled, the Council shall be entitled to retain any deposit or other payment that may have been made for the function and the Hirer shall have no claim against the Council for any damage, loss that they may sustain or otherwise in consequence of such cancellation. 22. In the event of the ceremony being cancelled by the Hirer the following cancellation policy will apply. All cancellations must be received in writing and accepted by the Council. Any confirmed Function postponed will be deemed to be cancelled. 23. The Council reserve the right to cancel the function - In the event of the Hirer committing any act of bankruptcy. - If the Hirer fails to adhere to these terms and conditions. - If the venue or any part of it is closed due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. - The Council is requested to cancel the Function by a Public Authority. 24. In the event of the Function being cancelled by the Hirer no deposit will be refunded and the Hirer shall have no claims against the Council for any damage or loss he/she may sustain or in respect of any liability which he/she may incur or have incurred in consequence of such cancellation. Liability: 25. The Hirer is respectfully referred to clause 7 with regards to the Council’s liability for essential and emergency maintenance or building works. 26. The Council will not be responsible for the safety of any goods or articles of any kind which may be brought into or left on the Premises by the Hirer and/or any of his/her servants or agents or persons attending the Function while on the Premises for the purposes of the Function. 27. The Hirer will be liable for any damage done to or loss of property of the Council caused by the Hirer and/or any of his/her servants or agents or persons attending the Function with the exception of that for which the Council is responsible in which circumstances the Council will indemnify the Hirer from all costs, claims, demands and expenses arising therefrom. 28. In the event of any injury and/or damage, or loss being sustained, suffered or incurred by the Hirer or any other person howsoever caused the Hirer shall accept full responsibility therefore and shall indemnify the Council from all costs, claims, demands and expenses arising therefrom with the exception of that for which the Council is responsible in which circumstances the Council will indemnify the Hirer from all costs, claims, demands and expenses arising therefrom. 29. The Council reserves the right to forthwith cancel the if, in the opinion of the Council, damage may be caused to the Premises; or if by flood, tempest, storm, fire or other cause beyond the Council’s control the Premises shall be rendered unfit for use; or if the Council considers it necessary to close the Premises for the purpose of executing urgent repairs or alterations; or if, in the opinion of the Council, it is in the public interest that the Premises should be closed for any reason. Insurance: No extra insurance cover is required for the Ceremony other than that which the Hirer may wish to take out independently.

5) Nick Ford Photography will provide up to five hours coverage of the wedding day. Two Photographers will be covering the day (working five hours each). Nick Ford Photography will capture the guests arriving at the venue, the ceremony, day, up to and including the first dance and / or the cutting of the cake. Winning entrants will receive 10" x 10" 'photobook album' (80 images or up to 10 double spreads). Winning entrants will be the first to see the photos, and an online gallery of watermarked photos may be shared with family and guests with the ability to order additional prints and albums. Further coverage or prints can be provided at an additional cost. After an initial consultation, a contract will need to be signed between the winning entrants and Nick Ford Photography to finalise dates.

6) James Ross Jewellers will provide a voucher for two wedding rings up to the value of £1000. No cash alternative available. Voucher can only be used for the purchase of a pair wedding rings. Voucher can only be used in one single transaction. Voucher can be used as part payment should winning entrants wish to add to this amount.

7) Miss Beans Cakes will provide the wedding cake for the winning entrants. Entrants may choose a cake up to the value of £250, which can include up to three layers incorporating a 10", 8" and 6" tier. Alternatively winning entrants may select a combination of cakes and up to 50 cupcakes, or opt entirely for up to 150 cupcakes. The quoted prize value includes a consultation with the couple and delivery within a 20 mile radius of Brighton. A cake tasting can be arranged at a small additional cost.

8) Juice 107.2 will provide transportation from the winning entrants location (within a 20 mile radius of Brighton) to the ceremony venue and then on to the reception venue.

9) Juice 107.2 will provide evening entertainment in the form of a Juice 107.2 DJ / wedding disco. In the unlikely event that a Juice DJ becomes unavailable, or incapacitated, Juice 107.2 reserves the right to change to an alternative. Sound and light equipment for the disco will be provided via Showtec Shoreham. Juice 107.2 will remain responsible for the hire, set up and close down of this equipment.


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