Brighton's Secret Sound

Brighton's Secret Sound is your chance to win cash every weekday on Juice. All we can tell you about the sound... is that it was recorded right here in the area we broadcast to. Occasionally, we'll give out sneaky clues on social media, and those in our VIP club e-mail, but apart from that, it's down to you! You can listen to the sound as many times as you like below:

Call in, guess right, win hundreds of pounds in cash.


Incorrect Guesses

Squash racket hitting a squash ball

Staple gun

Dropping scaffolding. 

A skater landing a jump at the Level's skate park. 

Beer barrels being loaded into a pub.

Diving board.

First 'clonk' on a turnstile. 

Lock being bolted.

Rivet gun.

A Judge's hammer. 

A hacky sack.

A digger bucket.

Clay pigeon shooting.

Drink landing out of a vending machine.

Carrot being chopped on a chopping board.

Tennis ball machine.

Nail gun.

Shed door slamming.

Tennis serve.

Garage door slamming.

Skittles being replaced at a bowling alley. 

Pulling down a shop window shutter.

Scaffolding being unloaded off a van. 

A police cell slamming shut.

A builders nail gun.

Pinball machine. 

Car bonnet closing.

A gun shot.

A B.B. gun.

Basketball bouncing off the backboard.

Meat cleaver.

Plank of wood being dropped into a skip.

Ghost train doors slamming on Brighton Palace Pier. 

A fire exit door closing.

Swimming room changing room door slamming. 

A catch being opened on a briefcase. 

Punching bag on Brighton Palace Pier hitting the back wall. 

'Wild West' saloon doors slamming.

A church door slamming.

Jazz shoes hitting the floor.

Metal spring door stopper. 

Builder's gun shooting a nail in.

Throwing something in a skip.

Pricing gun.

Guard coming down and clearing the skittles in a bowling alley. 

Clay pigeon shooting trap.

Dropping 'something' from scaffolding in to a skip.

A squash door slamming. 

A 'bag of air' (used in packaging).

Someone jumping off a diving board.

A starting pistol. 

Someone splattering something. 

The car going over spikes in Brighton City College Car Park. 

Ball hitting a tenpin.

A punching clocking on card for work. 

A door knocker being knocked.

A post office or bank date stamp. 

A metal door slamming. 

A squash ball being hit against a squash wall. 

Cork popping on a bottle of sparkling wine.

A snooker ball being hit really hard.

Athletic spring board.

A frisbee being made in a frisbee factory. 

Hole punch.

Pound coins dropping on a laminate floor.

Vacuum public toilet. 

Fairground striker with the hammer. 

Bins being thrown in to the back of truck. 

A judges hammer. 

A military parade coming to a halt. 

Hat making machine.

A locker door shutting / slamming.


Whack-a-mole game.

Clay pigeon shoot. 

Someone jumping into an indoor pool.

Rubber and plastic popping.

Greyhound trap opening at the Greyhound Stadium. 

Locker door shutting.

Wind farm being built. 

Ball thrower.

Knocking down the Amex building. 

Horses being released from the gate at Brighton Racecourse. 

Springs on a trampoline while someone does a seat drop.

Old toilet chain being pulled. 

A crow scarer.

Auctioneer's gavel.

Invoice stamper. 

Automatic cricket ball launcher at the Hove County Ground.

A dodgem hitting the side on Brighton Palace Pier. 

A bit of wood being dropped from a roof of a house. 

A butcher chopping meat. 

A rifle being shot in a rifle range.

Plastic bottle being run over.

A chiming clock mechanism.

A hanging punchbag. 

Fish nets being thrown.

A new bowling ball coming through once you've knocked down your skittles at Ten-Pin Bowling. 

Street bin lid shutting. 

Pole being whacked down. 

Staple Gun for upholstery.

Wheelchair ramp coming down from a train.

Cricket bat hitting a cricket ball.

Auctioneers hammer hitting the block.


Cleaver chopping meat at a butchers.

Knocking mud off of boots.

Automatic lock on a car. 

Harpoon on a boat.

Van tail-lift being raised.

Weights at the gym on a lifting machine clonking on each other.

Fire exit being opened.

Cord on a pin ball machine.

Butcher hitting a wooden block.

Steam train doors closing.

A saucepan being thrown against a table.

Pool table balls dropping after you put the money in.

Car going over a manhole cover.

A gymnastics springboard.

Tennis ball being hit.

Electric guitar being played.

Judges hammer hitting a metal surface. 

A letter box shutting

Someone playing table tennis or ping-pong. 

The hammer on a typewriter.

Balls being released in a pool table

Air Hockey Arcade Game.

Clipboard clip slamming shut.

Hanging punch bag in a gym. 

A seagull frightening device. 

Meat being chopped on a chopping board.

Chains and ropes being tested on a shipyard.

Traction door slamming. 

Riveting gun.

Caravan door closing.

Librarian's stamp.

Car going over a road drain. 

The i360 docking after a flight.

'Old doors' underneath the pier slamming shut.

A paintball gun.

Dropping a tray in a truck on a supermarket delivery. 

A football hitting the bottom of an empty oil drum. 

Industrial guillotine at a publisher.

Commercial fridge freezer door shutting. 

Piledriver at the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.

Table football 'balls' releasing.

A garage door shutting.

Reverse bungee jump being let off.

Fireworks going off at Lewes Bonfire.

A train arriving at Brighton station.

A dart hitting a dart board.

Clip of a lever-arch file snapping shut.

A mouse trap.

Paper bag popping.

A dart hitting a dart board. 

Heavy duty safe shutting. 

Metal clasp on a wooden gate in a field. 

A car being loaded on to a car transporter. 

Hitting a golf ball at the driving range.

'Operational lever' on Volks Railway.

Door shutting in an empty room.

Sound of a barrier on a bar billiards table shutting. 

Traps coming up at horse racing. 

Party Popper.

Floor Stapler.

Large nurf gun. 

Shoreham Port lock gate closing.


A beer pong cup being smashed by hand.

A metal pizza door shutting. 

Office stapler. 

A Confetti Cannon

Bird Scarer

A balloon being popped.

A mallet hitting a surface. 

Side door of a van shutting

A metal blind closing. 

'Golden ball' dropping from the clocktower.

Swiping down on a hard surface with a book.

Locking mechanism on a safety bar on a pier ride. 

Meat slicing machine in a deli.

A bomb exploding underwater

Shutter door on a lorry.

Pedal on a sewing machine.

Zip line wire on Brighton beach.

Putting a pound in a shopping trolley.

A cherry picker. 

Money clip in a till closing

Security van safe shutting

Pair of clangers being banged on the end of a table.

Ice Cube tray being bashed on a worktop.

A bus disability ramp. 

A padlock unlocking. 

Tin can game at The Pier


A horses stable door shutting. 

Gas BBQ ignition

A dumb waiter. 

An air bazooka toy.

Children's Rocket Launcher.

A goal being scored on a table football. 

Temporary tattoo vending machine.

Gates closing locking the dogs in at the Greyhound Stadium.

A stone from Brighton beach hitting a wall.

Hitting the end of the zip wire.

The doors closing on the i360 pod.

Microwave door shutting.

Washing machine on spin cycle.

Giving a member of staff some money at a casino table and they put it down the slot. 

Sweetie machine dispensing gumballs.

Basketball hitting the backboard of the net.

Washing machine door shutting. 

A shoe falling off. 

Ironing board.

Ticket barriers at Brighton Train Station. 

Train window opening/closing.

Sussex slammer train door shutting for the last time. 

Lift shaft mechanism.

Glass bottle thrown into recycling bin.

A kitchen cupboard door shutting. 

Car going over speed bump.

Microwave door shutting. 

A paginator.

Bowling ball in bowling alley coming up for you to use.

Cat flap.

Someone throwing a book on a desk.

Spring board in a gym. 

Door stop spring. 

Ignition on an 'old' boiler.

Barista banging used coffee grounds into bin.

Bread sealing machine.

Light switch turned on/off.

Medical Scales.

Somebody chopping wood.

Barista knocking bubbles out of hot milk.

A skateboard hitting a grime bar. 

The back of a radio being closed.

A cobbler repairing shoes.

Door closing in a echoey room.

Cracking an egg.

Post dropping through a door, in to a post basket. 

A swingball.

A ball on a squash court. 

Tupperware clip opening.

A firework. 

Vegetable slicer.

Toast popping up.

A body piercing gun. 

A cupboard falling.

Hammering a nail into a wall.

A car going over a black traffic cable.

'Manual' credit / debit card machine.

Cork gun in an arcade.

A butcher cutting a joint of meat. 

A loft hatch door shutting. 

Pallets being stacked.

The air hockey game on Brighton Palace Pier.

Franking machine

Cork popping gun on the Pier

Prison door hatch closing.

Money counting machine.

Closing a deckchair. 

Closing a boot in a multi-story car park.

Gas boiler ignition.

Clap of thunder.

A stamp on a loyalty card in a coffee shop. 

The end of the mouse ride on the pier.

Wardrobe door slamming shut.

Clapper board used for the start of a film. 

Bin lid shutting.

Pestle and mortar. 

Badminton racket hitting a shuttlecock.

Cutlery being dropped in to a kitchen drawer. 

Rubber mat hitting the floor. 

A washing machine opening.

The button opening the microwave door. 

Horse and dray cart beer delivery.

A bat hitting a ball on a squash court. 

'Pang' 90s arcade game.

Ghost Train carriage bumping against the next.

Baseball being catapulted.

Bar coming down to scoop up pins at a bowling alley. 

Keys being dropped on a table.

A ring binder closing. 

Very hard stapling.

A paper hole puncher.

A shower door shutting

An auctioneers gavel. 

Paper being put in a hole punch.

A guillotine.

Weights on a weight machine in a gym.

A caravan being attached to a towbar

Recycled peddle bin slamming shut. 

Cutlery being used to open a can

Trap door at the side of the stage at the Theatre Royal. 

A kettle being replaced on its stand

A pair of boots being put on a table

A pair of football boots being banged together. 

Ruler being whacked on table

Someone setting fire to a lynx can in a village hall. 

Jar being dropped into a bin.

An air gun. 

Meat being tenderised on a chopping board.

Industrial can opener.

Old wooden pinball machine, bouncing off the first pillars. 

The guitar at the start of Beach Boys' Surfin Usa.

Car bonnet shutting.

Magnetic door being released/opened.

Air hockey pucks going into the goal.

A skip truck pulling a skip. 

A cannon firing a foam ball.

Barista dispensing freshly ground coffee on machine.

The trap door at the dogs. 

Car door slamming shut. 

Tyre being fit back onto a car.

Closing of a cash register. 

A bus window shutting.

A self-inking stamp (used in businesses).

Two clock hands meeting at O'Clock. 

Weaving loom.

Bar on a fire exit door slamming. 

A4 Brighton & Hove Albion marketing clip-frame.

A lid coming off a glass jar. 

Drum sticks hitting a drum.

Hand hitting and hand drum.

Hand operated printing press.

Button on a fan.

Cutlery drawer closing.

Closing wardrobe door, with two magnets clicking together. 

Pallett being dropped.

Oven door closing.

A tennis ball being hit back by another player. 

Cork popping on a bottle of Prosecco.

Gymnastic spring board.

The new Shoreham foot bridge opening and closing. 

Penny machine game at the arcade.

Casino chips being put down and moved by a croupier. 

Ignition on a gas fire.

Closing of a patio door and pushing the lock lever down. 

Christmas cracker being pulled.

Arrow hitting a target board.

A skateboard landing. 

Clingfilm lid being shut.

Big belly bin. 

Someone tap dancing.

Charger being plugged in.

A pool cue hitting a ball.

Hitting an egg on a saucepan.

A loft ladder closing. 

Bowling ball being dropped

An underground shooting range. 

Someone landing after jumping in metal stilts.

Loft ladder being shut and connecting to the metal closing mechanism

Walk in fridge freezer lock locking. 

A crossbow firing an arrow into a target

Volley ball being hit

A school locker door slamming shut. 

Fairground striker going half way up.

A boxer training in the gym. 

A kick-boxer kicking a training bag.

A door being shut on an industrial oven. 

A paint can being opened with a screw driver

Coins going into a pool table.

Industrial metal press. 

The middle button on the game 'Frustration'.

Car bonnet being shut in a garage. 

Fence falling down.

A bus axel being hit with a wooden stick in Whitehawk bus garage. 

Fridge dispensing ice.

An over-head locker on a plane being closed. 

A dart from a dart gun hitting a wooden target. 

A meat cleaver chopping meat on to a butchers block. 

A trapdoor in the Brighton Dome closing.

i360 taking off.

Cricket ball hitting a wicket.

A tap dancing shoe hitting the floor. 

Bar skittles.

Gymnast vaulting over a pommel horse.

Windscreen wipers on a car.

Cricket ball hitting a wicket

Ball kicked against a wall.

Ball hitting the goalpost at the Amex.

Sewing on a sewing machine.

A machine firing baseball balls. 

Floodlights being switched on.

Sports-hall 'net' dividers being pushed aside.

Handle being turned on a table football game.

Pump foam ball gun.

Ice hockey puck hitting the side of the rink

A glasses or spectacle case being closed in an 'echoey' room. 

Two curling kettles hitting each other.

A gymnastics spring board. 

A bin going back down after it's been emptied into a dustbin van. 

A basketball being bounced and then thrown through a hoop. 

Suitcase closing.

Someone hitting a golf ball at Globalls.

Kilner jar closing.

A pool call being hit by a cue. 

Cricket ball hitting the bat at the Sussex Indoor Ground

A door shutting in your house. 

The sound of the springs when someone is jumping on a trampoline. 

Indoor go-karting, hitting the bumpers.

Putting your finger in your mouth, blowing your cheeks and making a popping noise. 

The popping noise from a tyre on a metal stand. 

'Soft cannon' at Funplex, Brighton.

Champagne cork popping.

Sitting on an office chair.

Jumping on a diving board. 

A ball bouncing off an advertising hoarding. 

Pool balls landing in pockets.

Papers going through a photocopier. 

Basketball hitting the ring.

Construction poles being put down. 

Dumbell being dropped back into its stand.

Shaking a disposable BBQ.

Someone punching the punch arcade machine.

A volleyball hitting the ground.

Someone on a PC clicking on a mouse, whilst tapping on a keyboard. 

Foldable chair at the King Alfred Leisure Centre.

A pair of football studs on concrete. 

Climbing equipment at Falmer.

Garden door closing.

Caribiner closing at the K2.

Machine that presses an Albion shirt.

Two cricket bats being hit together.

Football hitting the hoarding at the Amex.

A machine firing out merchandise at the Amex. 

A nail gun putting up advertising at the Amex. 

Cardboard clackers at the Amex.

Flag being taken out of a box at the Amex.

Terms & Conditions

As well as the standard Juice 107.2 terms and conditions, the following apply to 'Brighton's Secret Sound': A maximum of three callers per day, Monday to Friday, will be put to air to try and guess our mystery sound. Callers must express their interest to play, by calling 01273 387107 within a time period specified on-air. If no time period is specified a maximum of five minutes will apply during the morning show and fifteen minutes during drive and daytime. Any contact with the presentation team that includes a guess as to the what the Secret Sound is, will be disqualified. Every caller will be picked at random by an automated system. Entries not picked to play will be kept for 7 days and used in the event that all entrants in the most recent round are disqualified, or un-contactable for any reason. The caller MUST NOT tell the presenter what they think the sound is before they are asked to do so live on air - any caller who gives us the answer ahead of the on-air activity will be disqualified from play. The prize value will be raised by £25 per week, the prize value you are playing for will be announced before the phone lines are opened. The prize payout will be paid by BACS within 2 weeks of winning. If a player fails to answer the phone the producer / presenter may choose to move on to another entrant. Whilst every effort is made to keep the above list of guesses up to date, the only way you can ensure you won't make a duplicate guess, is to always be tuned in during game play. If a contestant is picked to go on air, and then is randomly selected again in the next 24 hours, priority will be given to an entrant who has not done so, should one be available to play.


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