Juice Breakfast: Lou & Alex

Lou & Alex are here bright and early every morning, sure to put a smile on your face! Tune in for big tunes, showbiz gossip, a load of games for you to play along with, prizes to be won, and of course all the latest news, travel and weather to start your day in Brighton, Hove and beyond.

Juice Breakfast brings you the latest local, national and international news every thirty minutes from 6am. We've also got the up to the minute South Coast travel news, whether you're commuting by train, bus or car, or avoiding the jams on the school run.

About Lou Nash:

Lou NashFavourite band? The Spice Girls
Celebs you look like? Emilia Clark, a.k.a Daenerys Targaryen, without the blonde wig and with clothes on.
Tell us a secret? I'm a little bit in love with Matt Baker from the One Show.
Dinner at yours? Any time! Just bear in mind it will be veggie and you'll have to leave by 8pm cos I need to go to bed...
Childhood dream? Blue Peter presenter
How many children? One cat called Martha
Love of your life? Chocolate
How old are you? Three years younger than whatever Alex said.
What's your favourite cheese? ALL OF THE CHEESE.
Other jobs? Keeping an eye on Alex is exhausting enough thank you very much!

About Alex Baker:

Alex BakerWhere did you meet your wife? What, Lou? She just turned up at the studio one day and started following me around...
Brighton born and bred? No! Was born in Kent, but grew up nearby.
Dogs or cats? Neither. I can barely look after myself, let alone anything else!
Favourite Song? Take That - Never Forget (especially at a wedding disco)
Tell us a secret? I'm actually pretty good at keeping secrets.
Celebs you look like? A young Gary Barlow?
What's your favourite cheese? Anything but goat's.
Fave city outside BTN? Manchester. Love the accent too.
Dinner at yours? Roast dinner. All the way. 365 days a year.
How old are you? 21. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.


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    Heavy traffic on A23 London Road Northbound before A270 Viaduct Road (Preston Circus).

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