Juice Daytime: Georgie Palzeaird

Georgie has your daytime fix with all the best music for Brighton and Hove and a cheeky look at what the city's talking about.

Check in for all the latest local news and sport and a look ahead at the pick of events happening in the city as well as a chance to win cash on Brighton's Secret Sound!

About Georgie Palzeaird

Favourite film? Dirty Dancing! So many quotes, so many great dancers, so many incredible songs... it's a winner all round.
Childhood dream? To be a choreographer for music videos, so you'll often find me miming to songs prancing around the studio!
Love of your life? Chocolate raisins.
How old are you? 24, with the attitude of either a university fresher or a middle-aged woman with too many cats. I have no in-between.
What's your favourite cheese? I was brought up on a steady diet of Edam (my favourite bit was the rind), but these days it's either feta or halloumi.
Celeb look-a-like? Well, I was once told I look like Cheryl Cole because of my dimples... but that could also mean I look like Harry Styles, so who knows.
Brighton born and bred? Nope, I was born on a little ole island called Guernsey. If you haven't heard of it, have a Google - very beautiful place. Love going back.
Dogs or cats? CATS. Mind you I've never owned a dog... only ever had two cats. Although one wasn't actually mine, it was next door's but one day he just decided to start living with us.
Favourite song? Anything I can sing super loud to (badly). Any Sam Smith song is usually good for that.
Tea or Coffee? Tough question! Depends on my mood. One day I'm Miss 'Give Me 10 Coffees' then next I'm Miss 'Only Herbal Teas, Darling'.


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  • A270 Old Shoreham Road - Hove, East Sussex

    A270 Old Shoreham Road busy but moving at Fonthill Road / Goldstone Crescent (Hove Park).

  • A27 coming from the Shoreham Bypass - Lancing, West Sussex

    Heavy traffic on A27 coming from the Shoreham Bypass Westbound at A2025 Grinstead Lane (Lancing Roundabout).

  • Buckingham Place and Terminus Road - Brighton, East Sussex

    Buckingham Place and Terminus Road busy but moving between Chatham Place (Seven Dials) and the train station.