Sussex Student Running With A Message

Emily's training 'selfies'

Emily Stoner isn't asking you to donate money, when she runs the Brighton Half Marathon, but a more important thing ...lifesaving blood to the NHS

The 20 year old University of Sussex student wanted to find a way to repay the service that saved her life with blood transfusions as a baby.

She told Juice she was disappointed to find out her health background discounted her from being a blood donor herself, so she is asking us all to do it on her behalf. She will be running the half marathon wearing a poster to get her message across.

This is from Emily's Blog:

"This morning I finished my longest run before my first half marathon on the 25th of February.

My name is Emily Stoner and I’m a student at the University of Sussex and I decided to run the Brighton half marathon to encourage people to give blood.

When I was a child I lost a lot of blood and had multiple blood transfusions which saved my life. It is a cause close to my heart.

Last summer I started running as a hobby and could hardly run the length of a school hall.

I decided to sign up to give blood, I was very excited to say thank you and to give back.

That day I was told I wasn’t allowed to ever give blood.

I was completely devastated. There and then I decided to run a half marathon to encourage people to give blood on my behalf.

Not knowing the grueling training involved or exactly how far 13.1 miles is.

Everyone can give blood and the NHS makes the sign up and donation process so simple. That’s what made it so appealing to me as it is accessible.

You don’t need to have money to donate to this cause.

So, I guess thanks on my behalf. If you see me running the half marathon I’ll try my best to give you a smile and a wave!"

Look out for her on 25th February and, in the meantime, how to sign up to become a blood donor too.

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