'Lady C' Praises Prince Harry's Choice Of Bride Ahead Of Diana Play

Image credit : Castle Goring and Lady Colin Campbell

The Goring based aristocratic best selling author and TV personality was a personal friend of the Princess.

Before talking to Juice about the stage play, Lady Colin Campbell spoke about the forthcoming Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: She said: "Diana would have been absolutely thrilled with Harry's choice. Meghan Markle in many ways has many of the attributes of Diana."

Lady C added she will be toasting the couple watching the wedding on television with friends.

Worthing's or rather Goring's celebrity aristocrat, who appeared on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here',  is getting ready for opening night of her first play to be produced for the stage 'Bid for Freedom'. It is directed by Dick Douglass, an actor, writer and director who has already staged performances at Castle Goring. 
The play, set in 1990 -1991, recounts conversations between Lady Colin Campbell and Diana, Princess of Wales: conversations that formed the basis for Lady Colin Campbell's best-selling book 'Diana in Private'

Lady C has chosen to stage the play at Castle Goring, the family home featured on ITV's Lady C and the Castle.

In Act 1 Lady Colin Campbell played by Kerri-Anne Frost,  approaches Diana, Princess of Wales played by Sophie Methuen-Turner, with an offer to write a book about Diana and the work they both do with a number of Charities. They have a secret meeting at the house of Madame Chairman Both Lady Colin Campbell and Diana seek independent advice as to whether they are doing the right thing – however their motives are different. Diana seeks advice from Joseph Sanders, played by Murray Hecht, her friend and financial advisor and Lady Colin Campbell talks to her old friend and psychologist Basil Panzer, played by Dave Lee.
With their confidence boosted they conduct further secret meetings to plan the scope of the book. As the Drama unfolds in Act 2, and at Diana’s instigation, the content of the planned book changes to a revelation about Diana’s circumstances and her desperate desire for change. Later in Act 2 we find Lady Colin Campbell shocked by the direction Diana is proposing and once again she questions the nature of the book and her role as its Author.

Lady Colin Campbell lives between London and Castle Goring with her two sons. Through marriage and common ancestors, she is connected to all the Royal Families of Europe and has been a fixture in Society and gossip columns on both sides of the Atlantic for the last four decades.

She is the author of the London Times and New York Times bestseller Diana in Private (1992), which lifted the lid on the state of the Wales marriage as well as revealing a host of firsts, including that Diana had an eating disorder; that she and Prince Charles led separate lives; that she had asked for a divorce; and that both she and her husband had lovers. Her acclaimed posthumous biography The Real Diana (1998/2004) was called the ‘most believable Diana biography’ by People magazine, and Royal Book News noted that ‘Lady Colin Campbell’s books are now must haves.’ Her 2005 novel Empress Bianca became an international cause célèbre, and was described by Alexander Waugh of the Literary Review as ‘brilliant’.

She is also the author of Guide to Being a Modern Lady (1986); The Royal Marriages (1993); A Life Worth Living (1997); Daughter of Narcissus (2009) and she ghosted With Love From Pet Heaven by Tum Tum the Springer Spaniel (2010), her last book being The Untold Life of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Many will now know Lady Colin as "Lady C" from the ITV show "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here" which aired in October 2015, "Lady C's" involvement as a contestant made that year's show the most watched of all; brought Lady Colin into the homes of millions and the hearts of many, and when she left the jungle, the viewing figures declined by millions.

Listen to more from Lady C as she explains the play idea came from a chance conversation with a friend.


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