1 in 10 can't go a day without sugar

Research shows more people are willing to give up Facebook than sugar

A new survey has confirmed we are a nation of sugar addicts.

Figures released today found that 1 in 10 say they could not go a single day without sugar,

The research, carried out by Simplyhealth, the specialists behind Denplan dental payment plans, reveals Brits would be more willing to give up Facebook for more than a year (51%) and sex (40%) than sugar. 

This is how people in Brighton deal with excessive sugar in their diets: 

  • 84% of people have tried to quit a bad dietary habit
  • Only 62% managed to quit for good
  • 56% of people tried to go cold turkey
  • 14% said they had sought professional help
  • 11% said sugar would be the hardest thing to quit
  • 18% saying Facebook would be easiest to quit, 18% for alcohol and only 9% for sugar
  • 37% of people give up sugar for longer than 12 months while 55% of people give up Facebook for 12 months 
  • 37% of people are worried about their weight because of sugar consumption, 8% are worried about oral health
  • 16% of people consider themselves addicted to sugar

When it comes to bad habits, 81% of us admit to trying to quit but it is easier said than done, as it takes, on average, 3-5 attempts before people succeed. Reasons people gave for quitting their bad habits were also explored in the survey, with health (55%), financial reasons (33%) and bad habit embarrassment (20%) topping the list.?  
With the help of outspoken celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr, the trend of sugar-free has grown rapidly within recent years. So far this year Google has recorded more than 33,900 searches for the trend in the UK alone.  
The term ‘sugar-free’ has also been hashtagged 2.5 million times on Instagram. However, it seems the reality of a sugar-free diet is proving a lot harder to stick to; a quarter of people said they have no interest in quitting sugar despite worrying about its effect on weight (39%), diabetes (33%) and oral health (9%).?  
When it comes to quitting sugar, the difficulty of going cold turkey is only further emphasized by the nation’s response to previous attempts. According to the survey 37% say quitting made them irritable and 27% say it even made them depressed.
A new campaign, ‘Sugar Swap September’ has been launched to help. In partnership with influencer Sugar Free Londoner, Simplyhealth is producing a range of tips and recipes to help us reduce or eliminate our sugar intake. All of these will be available throughout September at www.sugarswapseptember.co.uk . 

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