12 Moments Sussex Nurses Will Totally 'Get'

The average working day, for the average person consists of a fair bit of sitting down.

There's often coffee-breaks-a-plenty, and at least twenty minutes a day on Facebook.

Nursing? Different ball-game.

We're all agreed caring for others as a career can be one of toughest jobs.

Nurses? Up against it in some of the most challenging situations.

We caught up with twelve Sussex nurses heroes for an inside look at their work and those 'moments' that mean there's no job they'd rather do...


The team we get to work with - not sure how I’d get through a 12 hour shift without them!

Seeing people improve after coming in very poorly. It is what makes me arrive for work every day.

The people I get to meet from all walks of life every day. I’ve met some amazing people and families doing my job.

Elderly Care

Playing nurses at work and actually getting paid for it- rather than the endless role play at home.

Working Christmas eve and Christmas Day is never sad for me, not being with my family, as I know I am helping poorly children get better.

Baby Feed

Making a patient smile through their pain (normally through my terrible singing or bad jokes). Day. Made.

My bladder is stronger than anyone else's I know. Toilet break? What’s that?

It helps me keep in shape! I don’t stop lifting, carrying, walking, pushing and even running. I’ve never worked out how many calories it is but I’ve never needed a gym membership.


As a dementia nurse a lot of my time in spent on complicated discharges but it’s all worth it when I see the look on patient’s faces when we tell them they can go back to their own home.

It’s been an amazing career to have while I’ve had a family. It can be flexible and there are always extra shifts going if we need to fix the boiler or need some spending money for holiday.

Baby Feet

Halloween is never as scary for me - I’ve seen it all!

I’m pretty proud to say I’ve genuinely saved lives.


While we wrote this article, we were totally one of those 'sit behind a desk types'.

You're a nurse? Nah... You're a legend. We salute you.

Looking for a nursing job? Know someone who is?
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