Childhood Dreams: Where Did They End Up?

Best thing about being a kid?

Nothing is impossible... or so we think!

We caught up with these Sussex residents, to see how their childhood ambitions match-up with their eventual career path.

Stage Door

Louise wanted to be a choreographer or on stage.

“I just thought I rocked at jazz hands.”

Turns out, there’s a bit more to a career in theatre-land.
The writing was on the wall when she was placed in the back row of the chorus in the school play.

Louise spends most of her day typing at a computer.

Red Bike

Detective work beckoned for a young Peter.

Pete's mate had a nice bike.
It was red.
It also got stolen.

“I was young, idealistic and an avid Scooby-doo-watcher. Thinking 'detective' I went about finger-printing. Finger-printing everything. Bought a magnifying glass too. ‘Coz that helps.”

Turns out Pete wasn’t really sure what finger-printing was.
The bike? Never found.
Pete? Realised his mate was a bit of a spanner for leaving his bike unlocked. Never fancied the police.


John told his teacher at school he wanted to grow up to be a tomato.

“Obviously, I was pretty young, but as an adult I’ve seriously got no idea what I was thinking. I’m not quite sure what this would have entailed.”

Sounds painful.
Where’s John now? Working in a nightclub. Not a tomato in sight (on reflection, probably for the best).


A young Henry dreamed of a career in carbs. (Is that even a thing?)

“I just wanted to be a baker. Bread. Cakes. French Fancies. I think I saw this as a bargaining chip for social situations.”

Did ‘cake for friends’ lead to a career as a master-baker?
Adult Henry works as a blogger.

Space Man

Robert had big plans.

“I wanted to be an astronaut. Just fancied being able to look down on things I think? Let’s be honest – that’s a pretty tough industry to crack.”

Robert’s first paid job? Stewarding drivers towards free spaces in a car park.
An outdoor car-park.
In the winter.


Daisy described herself as a plucky and feisty kid from a 'big old family', who grew up in the lush countryside.

“I was always helping Mum out. Wasn’t the best cook though. My room was a tip”

Daisy’s favourite game? Covering her three younger sisters in ketchup.

“I used to dress them up, and pretend I was a nurse on Casualty off the telly. I’d clean up their ketchup-related-wounds, get them back to health.”

Daisy’s sisters were eventually set free from their made-up illnesses.
Daisy’s mother? Spends a hell of a lot less on ketchup.

Grown-up Daisy? Doing pretty much the same thing as her younger self – compassion and care - working as a nurse.

Very few of us are lucky enough to end up doing what we dreamed of as a kid, let alone change people's lives for the better, every single day.

Daisy's amazing. We salute her.

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