Six Weeks Of Summer

All Summer, we challenged our on-air team to try out something new and make the most of Summer where we live...

It could be anything from experiencing a new sport or outdoor activity, visiting those 'tourist' sites that us locals often overlook, or even something as simple as making the time to go for a walk along the beach.

Scroll down the page and have a look at how the Juice team got on, and use #6WksOfSummer to share your own experiences.

Juice 107.2's 'Six Weeks Of Summer'
Guy closes the show.

Juice Drive's Guy Lloyd certainly can't sing, and he definitely can't play the piano either. So we thought we'd sent him to the iconic piano at Brighton Station to sing us out...

Godchicks and Godparents.

After Phil Mitchell from Eastenders became godfather to two baby penguins, Lou & Alex from Juice Breakfast decided to join in and become godparents to the adorable Skipper & Slasher from Drusillas!

Josh at Brighton Pier.

We sent our Josh Beaven to the famous Brighton Pier to embrace Six Weeks Of Summer!

Guy does Pottery.

We sent Juice Drive's Guy Lloyd out to try pottery for the first time this week. We'll let his face tell the rest of the story...


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"A real challenge!"

Recently, Guy Lloyd from Juice Drive took to the heights of the new Brighton Zip-Wire! This is how it went...

Six Weeks Of Summer - Brighton Zip Wire

As part of 'Six Weeks Of Summer', we encourage you to get out and about and tick things off your bucket list. Recently, Juice Drive With Guy Lloyd took a leap of faith on the new Brighton Zip-Wire...

Posted by Juice Brighton on Thursday, 17 August 2017
Summer style!

We sent our beautiful ladies Lou & Georgie to Brighton Racecourse to judge the 'Best Dressed' on Ladies Day as part of Six Weeks Of Summer!

So... Juice's office is right next door to the PR firm that is looking after the new Brighton 'Boris' bikes.

Our Alex went down to make a coffee, leaving Georgie alone in the studio. He couldn't resist the tempatation, and borrowed the bike as part of Six Weeks Of Summer!


Oh god... @djalexbaker has stolen a #Brighton 'Boris Bike' and left @georginapalz alone in the studio!

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How to warm up for Juice Breakfast.

Not technically an outdoor activity, but Alex and Georgie have been doing star-jumps to warm themselves up for Juice Breakfast!

Alex and Georgie are sitting in on Juice Breakfast this week. They had planned some really fun stuff... but when it started raining for the Brighton Big Screen launch, they knew what they HAD to do...

Equipped with a stolen umbrella from the office and totally inappropriate clothing, they went to dance in the rain. They got very soggy indeed...


@georginapalz and @djalexbaker went dancing in the rain on Brighton beach @brightonbigscreen for #6WksOfSummer

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Meanwhile in the Juice office, to make the most of the good weather, all meetings are currently taking place in the 'ancillery board room' (the bin alley).

All involved found the atmosphere surprisingly productive

Guy Lloyd from Juice Drive took things to the next level.

He's getting competitive. He's seeing a challenge. He's going to win. On the choppiest day on the Sussex coast in ages, after a night of thunderstorms... Guy attempted to paddleboard to the West Pier.


Alex Baker from Juice Daytime was determined for a 'small win'.

Little victories add up to big deals. He's always on-air at lunchtimes, so took a lunch break, and did an hour of the show, live from Brighton beach. He bumped in to some life guards who insisted you can get a tan even in cloudy weather!


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Georgie kicked off 'Six Weeks Of Summer' when she was covering the morning show.

Standing in for James, she took a stroll up to Devils Dyke and checking out the views, which are right on our doorstep. She might have had a sneaky pub roast whilst she was up there too...


A rather windswept Georgie is exploring Devil's Dyke for the first time today! #6WksOfSummer

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