The Mixtape With Tony Marks

Tony Marks

The Mixtape with Tony Marks brings you the best in new music and alternative classics. Each night you’ll hear a brand new 'first spin', hand-picked by Tony. Listen out for the 'single of the week' for a hot new release, and expect cuts from his album of the week. Feeling nostalgic? Check out ‘The Mixtape Years’. On top of that you can expect interviews with the hottest artists playing in town, the latest music news, gig listings, exclusive first plays and live session tracks from our North Street studios. Tune in Monday to Thursday nights between 7 and 10pm. 

About Tony Marks

Childhood dream? Radiopresenter and footballer. One outa two ain't bad!
Favourite thing to do? Gigs! We're so lucky in our city, that there's so much to do.
Favourite music act? Prince! Obsessed since the age of thirteen.
Celeb look-alike? People say I look like Elvis Costello. He's good lookin', right?
Dogs or cats? I've got a Border Collie called Ringo. He comes into Juice sometimes!
Where do you live? Hannover. Well near enough!
Ever stolen a pen from work? Of course. Haven't you?!
Dinner at yours? Love cooking! I'd do paella if you bring the wine!
Catchphrase? I quote lines from 'The Office' daily.
Previous careers? I used to sell IT Components. Fun as it sounds.

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