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Cop Dressed As Amish Woman To Catch 'Pervert'

An undercover cop spent two months dressed as an Amish woman in the hope of scaring off a man exposing himself to Amish children.

Hairdresser's Kim Jong-Un Poster Angers N Korea

Two men claiming to be North Korean officials have confronted a London hairdresser who filled his salon window with a poster of Kim Jong-Un, alongside the words: "Bad Hair Day?"

Video: Bear With Sore Head As Tree Rescue Goes Wrong

A large black bear had a less than gentle landing after it was shot out of a tree using a tranquilliser gun.

Video: Ohio Man Ordered To Hold 'I Am A Bully' Sign

A man has spent hours sitting on a street corner with a sign declaring he is a bully as part of his sentence for harassing a neighbour and her disabled children.

Man Drives Car Off 80ft Cliff - And Survives

A man who drove his car off an 80ft cliff near Brighton has walked away without any significant injuries.

Video: Snapping Up A Bargain? Crocodile Roams Mall

Shoppers at a mall in California were given a shock when a 4ft-long crocodile was spotted wandering around.

Man Covers Himself In 460,000 Bees For Stunt

A Chinese beekeeper has gone to extreme lengths to try and sell more of his honey.

Jesus' Wife Papyrus Fragment 'Is Not Fake'

A faded papyrus fragment, known as the "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" which the Vatican declares a fake, is most likely an ancient document and not a modern forgery, scientists say.

Babies Cry At Night 'To Delay Siblings' Birth'

Babies who wake up during the night to be fed are trying to delay the birth of a younger brother or sister, researchers claim.

Mystery Amnesiac Identified By Czech Police

The amnesiac found lying in the snow beside an Oslo carwash has been identified by police, ending a four-month-long mystery.

Video: Rat On Subway Train Sends Passengers Hysterical

Passengers screamed in horror as a rat scurried along a subway train carriage in New York.

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