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Brighton Radiographers swim the Channel

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 18:27

A group of radiologists from the Cancer Centre in Brighton are swimming the channel for the Sussex Cancer Fund The team who have dubbed themselves the 'Rays' will swim this Sunday in a relay and aim to raise £7000

Sussex Radiographers swimming The English Channel for their patients

15th July 2012


Five radiographers at Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital are swimming the channel to make life better for the cancer patients they treat. ‘The Rays’, as they call themselves, will swim for an hour, then rest for an hour while the other four take their turns, before getting back into the freezing cold sea. They may have to do this up to three times each.


The Rays are aiming to raise £7,000 for the Sussex Cancer Fund, a charity which buys much needed equipment to make the treatment process easier for their patients. As well as smaller luxuries to help the patients relax during treatment they also have a wish-list of important items including, privacy gowns which are worn during treatment, Aroma therapy oils and music for the treatments.

Sean Bottone, a therapeutic radiographer, says the Sussex Cancer Fund was the obvious charity for them to raise money for. He said, "We wanted to get involved in a charity where we could see improvements on a daily basis and we know the money we raise will bring real and obvious benefits to our patients and families." He knows swimming over 20 miles between Dover and the French coast will be the most difficult thing any of them has ever done, "We’re going to be dodging oil tankers and fighting jellyfish. Some swimmers get sea-sick in the support boat and I recently learned there’s loads of diesel and oil you can swallow."

Sussex Cancer Fund Administrator, Julia Lenton, said she was, "bowled over" when the team told her what they are doing. She said, "It’s just amazing what they’re putting themselves through. I know they’re passionate about their work and every penny they raise will be spent on making life easier for their patients at the Sussex Cancer Centre."

The five brave swimmers are Louise Alexanda, Sean Bottone, Louise Pardon, Kate McBurney and Pip Carr. You can follow them on facebook and view their video on

'you tube'(Sussex Rays) produced by Kay Fenton.


Their cross channel swim is scheduled for July 15th, 2012.




You can learn more about the Sussex Cancer Fund at






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