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Public File

Juice 107.2 Public File

All local commercial radio stations in the UK have an obligation with regard to its programmes, music and local content. These requirements are set out in the station "Format", the guiding document issued by Ofcom, the UK media regulator and watchdog.

The "Public File" lists the details of exactly what Ofcom regulates, and is designed to give you an understanding of what we are doing for our community, and how we go about our daily business.

The Public File is can be obtained in print format, upon request, from the station. Should you have cause to comment or question, these may be directed to Juice 107.2 or directly to Ofcom. More information about the Public File obligation can be found at the Ofcom Website.

Station Format
Formats are considered regulatory documents, and are issued to Ofcom licence holders, which outline exactly what is required of each radio station's programming.

Contact Details
Juice 107.2 can be contacted through a variety of means as detailed on our Contact Us page.

Operational Information Transmission
Juice 107.2 transmits on 107.2 FM.

Juice 107.2 transmits 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. At least 14 hours a day during daytime weekdays and at least 10 hours a day on Saturdays, are live locally made programmes. The majority of Sundays are prerecorded. Some computer automated programming occurs overnight when locally made programming are not on-air.

Local Production
While Juice 107.2 does broadcast from its base in North Street Brighton during most hours of programming, occasionally on-site live events are broadcast within the regional area, depending upon the event.

Programme Schedule
The Juice 107.2 programme schedule is available on our Shows and Schedules pages.

Local Information and Support
Local news bulletins are broadcast regularly, although not necessarily every hour, during daytime from 7.00am – 6.00pm weekdays and on Saturday mornings. National and International news can be found on our news pages on the website, and is updated regularly by IRN, all all times during the week.

Juice 107.2 prides itself on the broad range of music and wide appeal to a diverse listener base. Our main playlist is available on the website, under Playlist, and more details about the specialist music our presenters favour is available on our show pages.

Ofcom, also known as the Office of Communications, are the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communication industry with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services. Ofcom can be contacted via
their website or on 020 7981 3040.

How to Complain 
If you have any complain about the radio station, for example, something you have heard - an advertisement or news story - in the first instance contact the station by emailing our Managing Director.

If you are not satisfied with the response you can contact Ofcom (the industry regulator) on or via their website.

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